Kimhaie Trading Co. LTD was established in 1998 in Hangzhou, a city close to Shanghai. Since then the company has made rapid progress and is now a leading, ready-made garment manufacturer and exporter of men’s outerwear.

Our product range consists of: suits, blazers, pants, coats and jackets.

The annual turnover is 150 million dollars and we have a production capacity of 5 million pieces.

Our main customers are based in Europe (Germany, France, The Netherlands, U.K, Spain) and Australia.

We have our own high quality tailored suit factory inAnhui and a "casual wear" factory in Ningbo.

To remain competitive, we've set up our own factory in Cambodia, a joint venture factory in Vietnam and a buying office in Hangzhou and Bangladesh.

We have successfully met the Oeko-Tex 100 standards and our factories have already passed the BSCI and Sedex audits.

We manage production from prototype to shipping and ensure a high quality level and good service. Our factories are carefully monitored by our factory-based Quality Control teams. We do at least 3 inspections during the production process.

Our showrooms offer a wide range of samples and fashionable fabric collection .


Because we provide reasonable price and high quality products.


Because we show repesct for our clients and endeavor to meet their requirments.


Because we'd like to cooperate with outstanding teams and wonderful companies.


Because we dare to confront with our mistakes and we show our willingness to admit our mistakes.


Because guarantee excellence.






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